Freshly Roasted Papua Arabica, Wamena Single Origin

Profile Of The PAPUA.Coffee

Papua Wamena Arabica Coffee is fruity aroma ,superb acidity, clean flavor with medium body. Right now we supply the following roasting size:

  • Coffee variety : Arabica
  • Certification organic : Organic  RA; CU
  • Grade ( export  grade) : Grade 1
  • Moisture :     Franchise 1 %  11  –  12,5 %
  • Volume : 200 gram x 5 packages
  • Price F.O.B Jakarta –

Pro Organic Products Statement: Our Farmers are anti-GMO

  • 100% Organic,
  • 100% Arabica,
  • 100% Single Origin “Wamena Arabica”
  • 100% anti-GMO

Baliem Arabica Cooperative in cooperation with Coffee Roasting Company in Java.

Rp25,00 – Rp27,00
We only supply freshly roasted, we Roast after we receive order, and supply to our customers.

Weight: 1000 gram (1 kg) – 5 kg
Body: Moderate medium acid clean.  Complex Flavor, rich body, mouthfull, floral, earthy, long finished, hints of vanilla

  • Aftertaste: Smokey choc caramley balanced
  • Aroma: Honey like chocolaty caramel fruity
  • Minimum Order: 1 kg (5 packages of 200 gram)

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